Portraits of Us - Reflections of our Global FamilyPortraits of Service; Looking into the Faces of Veterans - Profiles of Veterans

Portraits of Service wins Independant Publisher's Outstanding Book of the Year • Freedom Fighter Award! Read press releases from Patton Publishing, Bookmasters, Independent Publishers

Portraits of Service; Looking into the faces of Veterans - profiles of veterans, all wars, all countries
Portraits of Service - short stories about veterans from around the worls
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The experiences of donning a uniform, fighting in war and returning home again are unknowable unless you yourself are a veteran of the armed services. But in Portraits of Service -- winner of a 2012 Independent Publishers Awards gold medal -- Robert H. Miller and Andrew Wakeford capture in words and pictures the heroism, pain, determination, suffering and spirit of scores of living veterans from the United States and Europe.
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Portraits of AIDS in Africa; A Tale of Two Villages

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Of the total number of people living with HIV worldwide, 34% reside in ten countries in Southern Africa (per 2009 United Nations statistics). Portraits of AIDS in Africa takes readers to the poor community of Katlehong, in the South African province of Gauteng, and to the tiny village of Sefhare, Botswana, for first-person accounts of what it's like to live in the midst of this treacherous epidemic. Whatever we thought we knew about living with HIV/AIDS was replaced by an unexpected reality -- at times painfully touching, but sometimes surprisingly positive.
Learn about AIDS in Africa - Botswana and South Africa
Portraits of Service - profiles of veterans of all wars
AIDS in Africa - Botswana and South African AIDS victims

In the moments when we feel closest to our fellow human beings, there comes a certain comfort, a certain awareness of being connected – a sense of "us." The mission of Portraits of Us is to capture those moments, to hold onto them and to share them. For we humans are more alike than we are unalike -- and, when we are conscious of that fact, we discover our commonality, find love, and create peace.

Portraits of Us grew out of an impulse to look into the faces of military veterans to see what we might see. The result was our first book, Portraits of Service. The experience showed us that when we let ourselves just be present with another person, tell our stories and look into each other's eyes we discover emotions and truths that might otherwise pass us by.

From that simple beginning, Portraits of Us is building a library of the human experience. We're taking our cameras and our tape recorders to places that many of us will never go, to bring back stories with the power to enliven us all.

Robert H. Miller
Photographer, writer:
Canton, Michigan

Andrew Wakeford
Photographer, writer:
Saarbrueken, Germany
+49 681 35208

Joe Fab
Filmmaker, writer:
Vienna, VA

Nancy Rabitoy
Graphic Design:
Pellston, MI

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